‘A 200-year-old secret’: plaque to mark Bath’s hidden role in Frankenstein | Books | The Guardian

Sheila Hannon takes visitors to Bath on a Mary Shelley walk through the city.

In December 1816, a teenager wrote to her lover from a lodging house in Bath that she had finished the fourth chapter of her book, “a very long one and I think you would like it”.

This year marks the bicentenary of the publication of that book, Frankenstein – famous in its day and ever since, interpreted in art, film, comics, ballet and music. The almost forgotten link between its creation and the city of Bath will be marked for the first time by a plaque to be unveiled on Tuesday.

Mary Godwin – child of the feminist Mary Wollstonecraft, who died 10 days after her daughter’s birth, and the radical writer and campaigner William Godwin – wrote much of the book during months living in Bath while her life was scarred by traumatic events >>

Source: ‘A 200-year-old secret’: plaque to mark Bath’s hidden role in Frankenstein | Books | The Guardian

Para Parra (1914-2018)

Todo Para Parra

Para Parra
para todo
para todos

Todo para Parra.

Parra mí
Parra tí

Parra todos

Paga Paga
dicen que dicen
en otgo país
los alemanes
paga Paga

Paga Parra
Paga todo
paga todos

Parra, Nicanor
Parra, Nicanor

Yo me pondré a vivir en cada rosa
y en cada lirio que tus ojos miren
y en todo trino cantaré tu nombre

Parra que no me olvides

Parra que no te olvidamos

Parra, que no me olvides

Parra, que no nos olvides

Parra para todo
para todo Parra
para todo
para todos

No para Parra

Que no pare Parra.

Köln-América Latina hilft Chile

América Latina Unida

America Latina unida

América Latina Unida
América Latina Unida

AMIGOS DE TODA America Latina! Bienvenidos al concierto de beneficio “KÖLN hilft Chile“: Buena Música, buena comida y una buena causa! Qué mejor no?

Live Musik, leckeres Essen, gute Stimmung: Helfen kann Spaß machen! Wir sammeln für die Opfer der Waldbrände in Chile!
Wann: Sonntag, 5. März, 2017, ab 12 Uhr.
Wo: Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld. Termin notieren, weitersagen, dabei sein! Wir zählen auf Euch!

CLUB BAHNHOF EHRENFELD –> Bartholomäus-Schink-Str. 65-67 Köln

Köln hilft Chile: Programa Musical

Köln hilft Chile
Köln hilft Chile
Köln hilft Chile

¡Ya está armado el programa musical para el evento solidario Köln hilft Chile el 5 de marzo en el Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld!

¡Gracias a todos los músicos que apoyan esta iniciativa!